Widiantoro Baroto


Widiantoro Baroto is a business practitioner with over 24 years of experience. As Director of JAC Outsourcing, he began his career as an accountant and now provides expert business consulting to more than 300 multinational companies, specializing in overseas companies that have no existing entity in Indonesia. His extensively certified expertise supports the scaling up of overseas Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by identifying and implementing effective business management strategies, particularly in financial management, human resources, outsourcing and tax.

Widiantoro holds a bachelor's in Fiscal Administration from the University of Indonesia, a master’s degree in Financial Management from Budi Luhur University, and a doctorate in Education Management with a dissertation on Entrepreneurship Education.

He has received several National and International professional certifications, including:

A certification in executive coaching (CEC)

A certification in professional coaching (CPC)

A certification in tax competence (CTC)

A certification in tax advocacy

A certification in management accountancy (CMA) Australia

National certification for small-medium enterprise companionship (BNSP)

A certification in accounting system Application

His expansive career has included senior management and executive positions in several national and international companies such as PT Garuda Indonesia, PT. Timur Putra Nasional, PT KIA Timor Motor, Degussa Construction Germany, and PT.Triwall Indonesia 2003-2007. Widiantoro was awarded "The Best CFO of the year 2010" from SWA Business magazine.

Widiantoro Baroto
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