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4 Functions That Could Be Outsourced and Will Support Your Business

Having remote or outsourced employees have become a necessity in business because finding the right employees for a specific area can take weeks or even months for some companies. Besides, it will take time to train your team and make rapid adjustments. Hence, outsourced essential business services, such as accounting, tax, or payroll, will help the company focus on strategy and ensure all activities comply with the latest regulation. Recently, many businesses have been trying to find experienced talents that can handle crucial tasks without adding new headcounts. One of the solutions is to outsource several functions that will help the company improve productivity quickly. Here are six positions that can be outsourced to help you focus on core business operations.


Tax preparation is complex and tedious because we must ensure that our calculations and report comply with the law. In Indonesia, a company is obliged to submit monthly and annual tax reporting in a certain period. Getting a tax report without understanding the law can risk the business. Hence, utilising a tax outsourcing service will help your company get an immediate result from the tax expert. Outsourcing tax can benefit your business, such as time and cost-saving, high security, high-quality work, access to the tax expert, and avoiding penalties.


Accounting is a specialised field that takes time and effort to master all processes and compliance requirements. Small businesses to public companies need an accurate financial report to make the business sustainable. Businesses are forced to spend costs wisely and focus on main activities in today's fast-paced world, while outsourcing handles all the debits-credits. Outsourcing accounting benefits are cost-effective, concentrating on core business, rectifying fraud, access to the expert, and complying with the latest accounting standards. 

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Preparing payroll for employees could be challenging because every country has their regulations. Having the correct calculation is vital to keep your business moving forward because you always want to motivate the employees by paying their salaries on time and correctly. Besides, payroll is linked to tax reporting that will risk your business if not comply with the laws. Fortunately, there is an option to overcome the issue without adding new headcount and new expenses by outsourcing the payroll. 4 reasons you should outsource your payroll are reducing staffing costs, finishing the report quickly, having a reliable account, and securing your confidential information.

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Finding suitable candidates can sometimes be challenging to make sure they meet our values and qualifications. A recruitment agency can be your solution because you can access professionals and specialists on their networks. Especially when you are looking for senior positions that are not seeking new roles, they tend to trust specialist recruiters that understand the market well. Getting new talent on board also sometimes takes time, which can be saved by letting the agency handle it for you. 

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Whether it's for long-term or short-term goals, outsourcing can be the answer for your business. Outsourcing to highly skilled professionals will save your time and cost, yet the company is running well and compliantly. You can gain the benefits mentioned above and be guaranteed peace of mind since you leave the activities to the expert.

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