Payroll Outsourcing

Secure and cost-reducing payroll services

JAC Outsourcing offers fully compliant payroll services for both small and large companies. The cost and time-saving benefits are numerous when operating in a new, overseas market where local payroll and tax laws may be unfamiliar to foreign investors. Running an in-house payroll department can be a costly and time-consuming aspect of business. By trusting this process to JAC Outsourcing’s experts, companies can avoid all the costs associated with hiring additional personnel, and avoid potential error in local tax compliance.

Our Payroll Outsourcing services include:

  • Running payroll and making employee pay and withholding calculations

  • Depositing funds directly or issuing checks to employees

  • Calculating state and federal payroll taxes, and making tax withholding payments;

  • Filing required government reports;

  • Administering employee benefits, including benefits that are mandatory as stipulated by the Indonesian government

  • Withholding social security and pension contributions

Benefits of outsourcing payroll operations

Outsourced Payroll Saves Time

Companies who process payroll in-house understand that it requires significant time and attention to detail. With the opportunity to outsource the process, you can spend more time engaging in core tasks which allow you to manage and grow your business effectively. 

Reduced costs

As any business owner understands, it is important to be selective about how you choose to invest your time. By entrusting JAC Outsourcing with essential payroll operations, the time you save on these activities in-house, each payroll period, results in significant financial savings long-term.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Payroll processing is not simply just an essential book-keeping task, its the means through which your company compensates its employees for their hard work and dedication. Errors and miscalculations can lead to a discouraged and unmotivated workforce, which is why accuracy is essential. If employees pay an incorrect amount of tax, it may result in them overpaying unnecessarily. If they underpay, they will likely be required to pay in bulk at a later date for which they may be unprepared. By outsourcing payroll processing, this risk can be avoided altogether resulting in satisfied employees who feel valued and safe in their job.

Minimise Risk

Compliance requirements, tax legislations and employment regulations vary from country to country and are often challenging to navigate. JAC Outsourcing can offer you absolute peace of mind that your businesses payroll processing will be completed in a timely manner with absolute attention to detail.

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