Payroll services tailored to your business in Indonesia

The payroll process is a critical activity in the company as it involves employees' rights and largest controllable costs in the business. Payroll outsourcing services will do the heavy lifting in payroll management to ensure the compliance. You can focus on growing the business while we handle the complexity of payroll for you.

JAC Outsourcing is an expert outsourcing provider that offers a wide spectrum of services for domestic and multinational companies. We have over 20 years of experience providing services that have handled payroll outsourcing services for various business scales. Our expert consultants stay updated with the latest regulations to ensure clients have an accurate payroll process that meets your business requirements. JAC Outsourcing also provides employer without establishment (EWE), tax, accounting, and payroll outsourcing services.

JAC Outsourcing is a part of JAC Group, a specialist recruitment company with over 45 years' experience placing talent into mid-senior level positions across multiple industries in Asia and Europe. JAC Group is known for its ability to help clients strengthen their company position, deploy key hiring strategies, and develop a strong presence within their industry.

Does your business needs payroll services?

​The payroll system in Indonesia consists of several elements associated with different governmental organisations. It will be challenging for foreign and local companies to keep up with the payroll regulations, labour laws, and tax policies. Essential elements in payroll in Indonesia salary, incentives, social security, health insurance, withholding tax and other employee benefits.

Without having an expert to ensure compliance can risks your business's sustainability. Payroll service is the solution that will not affect overall headcount and company finances yet can access expert consultants to support your business.

payroll services of JAC Outsourcing

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How JAC Outsourcing can help your payroll process in Indonesia

Administrative tasks such as payroll need to be handled by the expertise because of the complex regulations that affect the payroll process. JAC Outsourcing will manage the end-to-end payroll system compliantly to mitigate any risks. We offer a hassle-free process for any size local SMEs and multinational companies in Indonesia.

Our scope of payroll services, includes:

payroll services of JAC Outsourcing
payroll services of JAC Outsourcing
payroll services of JAC Outsourcing
payroll services of JAC Outsourcing

Arranging salary payment

We prepare the salary payment accurately by calculating, creating a payroll summary, making the payment, and issuing employees' payslips.

Managing health insurance and social security

Enrol and pay employees' national health insurance (BPJS Kesehatan) and social security (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan) for employees.

Income tax calculation

We calculate, pay, and file tax to the Directorate General of Taxes (PPh 21) and prepare the withholding tax form for your employees.

Other salary items calculation

JAC Outsourcing ensures that the payroll process complies with regulations by calculating other salary items, including religious holiday allowance, bonus, or incentive.

payroll services of JAC Outsourcing

Who can utilise payroll service?

payroll services of JAC Outsourcing

1. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

At the beginning of establishment, spending the budget wisely for small-medium companies is crucial. It is an excellent way to save your budget by outsourced payroll administration so you can allocate it to core competencies

2. Representative offices

Most of the representative offices conduct specific tasks, such as sales and marketing, research, or other non-transactional functions from the headquarters. Having payroll outsourcing will help your company handle salaries without hiring in-house payroll employees.

3. Established companies that focus on core business

In some cases, companies decide only to have teams directly related to the primary operations. This strategy supports the business's growth by letting the administrative tasks be handled by outsourcing.

Benefits of choosing payroll service through JAC Outsourcing

1. Save time and cost

Payroll outsourcing will save time and minimise costs because our experts will handle it without affecting your company's headcount.

2. Secure and accurate

Employment regulations are complex and require meticulous attention to detail. Our company provides accurate payroll calculations that adhere to the latest regulations and protect your employees' confidential information.

3. Access to experts

Our payroll consultants have years of experience handling payroll processing with deep knowledge of employment regulations that will help your company stay updated with the latest policies.

4. Extensive services

JAC Outsourcing has an extensive service that covers all your business needs from accounting, tax, recruiting and hiring, working permits, and business licenses

What our clients say

We chose JAC to handle our payroll because they have a good reputation as an outsourcing service provider. The consultants are friendly yet professional and easy to communicate with. They manage the work in time with detailed information and explanation.

HR Manager, Trading Company

JAC supports us in payroll and permit and license consultancy. They have extensive services tailored to our needs.
Overseas Divisions, Medical Instrument Company


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