Hire in Indonesia without an Entity as an Employer of Record (EOR)

What is Employer of Record?

The Employer of Record (EOR) of JAC Outsourcing is the leading expert in providing EOR services in Indonesia. EOR is your answer to hiring local talent and running a remote team without bearing the cost and risk of having an entity in Indonesia. It is an Employee of Record service enabling you to hire local professionals and manage payroll, including benefits, insurance and taxes, in full compliance with all Indonesian labour laws and regulations.

JAC Outsourcing is an expert outsourcing provider that offers a wide spectrum of services for domestic and multinational companies. We have over 20 years of experience providing services that have handled payroll outsourcing services for various business scales. Our expert consultants stay updated with the latest regulations to ensure clients have an accurate payroll process that meets your business requirements. JAC Outsourcing also provides Employer of Record, tax, accounting, and payroll outsourcing services.

JAC Outsourcing is a part of JAC Group, a specialist recruitment company with over 45 years' experience placing talent into mid-senior level positions across multiple industries in Asia and Europe. JAC Group is known for its ability to help clients strengthen their company position, deploy key hiring strategies, and develop a strong presence within their industry.

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Services covered by Employer of Record

​Recruiting and Hiring

Prepare Employment Contract

Payroll Processing

​Income Tax Calculation

​Provide Employee Insurance & Benefit

​Legal Assistance

Hire top talent and put together productive and specialist teams with JAC's vast network of professionals in Indonesia built over 20 years on the ground in the local talent market.

Save time while being assured that the employment agreements drawn up will cover all your requirements so that you remain a leading employer brand.

Our payroll parking service ensures that employees are paid fairly, on time, and in compliance with all local labour regulations. Calculations are done accurately and delivered on time.

You don't have to stay on top of updates made to local tax regulations because we do it for you. Mitigate any risk of non-compliance and penalties with EOR.

All employee insurance and benefits required by the Indonesian government—such as BPJS of Labor, BPJS of Health, Pension Fund, and religion bonus—are covered under EOR.

Legal assistance can be provided as part of the EOR service, should it be needed, during any part of the agreement process.

Why Use Employer of Record?

​​Although Indonesia is one of the fastest-growing emerging markets in Southeast Asia, it is also a complex one to navigate. With EOR, the process of expanding into Indonesia is accessible without creating an entity and can help you focus entirely on your strategy, bypassing the following requirements and challenges:

  • Initial capital investment of about USD 600,000*

  • Processing time to complete company establishment

  • Access to updated and detailed regulation is limited

​Our Employer of Record service enables you to have a test-market period of one to two years, where you can get your business off to a solid start by focusing entirely on executing strategy, not on administrative details.

By engaging JAC's services, you can mitigate unseen risks caused by changes in business, tax, and labour regulations and ensure your company grows safely and entirely in compliance with local requirements.

*​BKPM Regulation 4/2021

Benefits of Using Employer of Record

The benefits of JAC Outsourcing's employer of record service helps you:

Save cost and time—EOR service saves time from administrative activities to effectively execute your growth strategy and save your money from establishing a new entity

Hire top talent quickly—with JAC's robust network of candidates built over 20 years of experience in human resources, we will support your need to start doing business with qualified employees

Full compliance with regulations—our HR experts ensure your business is 100% in line with all Indonesian laws and regulations

Premium EOR service—JAC consultants are ready to support you 24/7, tailored to your unique business needs

JAC Outsourcing will put their expertise of 20 years of experience to help investors even after they get their legal entity. Our expert consultants will give you the best solution to meet your market strategy in Indonesia at a minimum cost.

A Track Record of Market-Entry Success

JAC Outsourcing's expertise over 20 years will support your investment in Indonesia. We help investors ascertain market viability by assisting them in setting up sales or R&D teams on the ground before a full commitment to set up an entity in Indonesia. Our expertise is not limited to these areas, but we have seen particular activity in the following:

  • Fintech

  • IT & Digital Technology

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Education

  • Representative Offices

After a successful initial period of market-testing, companies can decide to commit fully to Indonesia and enjoy significant success. But the support doesn't end there—even after a successful test market period and company set-up, our expert consultants can provide the best solution to meet your market strategy in Indonesia.

What our clients say

Great service and good response rate. Overall, we are happy with the service we receive.

HR Consultant, Government organization

We thank you for the support with the quick response to our task. The EOR team is always accessible in communicating and working at speed.
HR Staff, Manufactures Plastic and Metal Tubes Company

Employer of Record Workflows

Employer of record

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