Comprehensive Tax Services in Indonesia

JAC Outsourcing offers comprehensive tax services to support your business growth in Indonesia. Our solution-driven approach will furnish your strategy with insights and efficiencies to reduce costs and mitigate risks. Utilising tax outsourcing will augment your company with valuable resources and experts without increasing overhead costs.

JAC Outsourcing is a specialist company that provides tax, accounting, payroll, and Employer of Record services. We have over 20 years of experience providing services to businesses of varying scales with complex issues and successfully solving compliance challenges. Our expert consultants stay updated with the latest regulations to ensure clients have an accurate tax report that meets your business requirements.

Who can utilise tax services

    1. Companies planning to expand their business to Indonesia. Our tax specialist will help you map out your tax obligations to ease the company establishment process and help you have substantial financial planning for sustainable growth.

    2. Existing companies that need experts to review their taxes prepared in-house . Our tax services will support your in-house team from the heavy workload by reviewing and handling tasks that comply with the latest regulations.

    3. Companies without an existing accounting and tax team. Access to tax experts that will handle your tax activities to support your focus on primary activities

JAC Outsourcing is a part of JAC Group, which has helped place talent into mid-senior level positions and optimise business processing across multiple industries in Asia and Europe for over 45 years. JAC Group is known for its ability to help clients strengthen their company position, deploy key hiring strategies, and develop a strong presence within their industry.

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How JAC Outsourcing can help your tax process in Indonesia

Tax calculation and reporting can be complicated processes that are challenging without having an expert in the field. JAC Outsourcing will support your business to get the right and obligations as a tax subject through our tax outsourcing services that cover:

Scope of our Tax Services

1. Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance Services offers you end-to-end tax activities for business and personal purposes from the calculation, payment, and reporting to the Directorate General of Taxes. This services covers Corporate and Personal Income Tax (PIT/PPH), VAT (Value Added Tax/Pajak Pertambahan Nilai PPn), Tax Audit Assistance, and Managing Tax Id (NPWP).

2. Tax Review

Tax Review Services promotes awareness and compliance with tax regulations to ascertain you have a valid report. We will examine the tax potential of any financial transactions to accommodate you with better tax management. This services covers Tax Equalisation and Tax Mapping.

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Benefits of choosing Tax Service of JAC Outsourcing Indonesia

  1. Time & cost saving. Outsourced tax activities will save time and minimise costs because our tax expert will handle it without adding to your company's headcounts.

  2. Access to tax experts. Outsourcing tax activities can give you access to professionals in the fields and provide high-quality work of tax review, preparation, and report.

  3. Tax compliance. Our tax specialists ensure your business is 100% in line with all Indonesian tax laws and regulations.

  4. Mitigate any risks. A compliant and proper tax report is essential for your business to mitigate any financial or legal risks that might jeopardise your business.

  5. Extensive services. JAC Outsourcing has a comprehensive service that covers all your business needs from payroll, accounting, tax, hiring, working permits, and business licenses.

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