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​Singapore Tightens Monetary Policy On Inflation Risks

Investors worldwide are getting worried ahead of the Federal Reserve's meeting because of the recent appearance of inflation statistics from Australia and monetary tightening in Singapore. Nearly U...

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the future of digital bank in Indonesia

The Future and Prospects of Digital Banking in Indonesia

​The development of information technology has led to an evolution that leads to digital banking services. Digital bank aims to improve the efficiency of operational activities and the quality of b...

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​Energy Crisis and Coal Export, Recent Developments in Indonesia

Domestic energy supply, especially coal, became a hot issue in early 2022 with various policies taken by the Government, including a ban on coal exports. The Government accepted this step to mainta...

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work permit in Indonesia

​A Brief Guide of Working Permits in Indonesia

Having your company employ expatriate workers or any foreign workers in Indonesia may seem complex. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a knowledge company should practice the correct terms to use foreig...

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Type of Employment in Indonesia That Your Business Should Know

​Running and growing a business requires you to have the right people from the beginning. Hence, you need to know the different employment types in Indonesia to decide which one will best serve you...

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Implementation of the Indonesia Tax Amnesty in 2022

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has notified the House of Representatives about his intent to introduce another tax amnesty program, the second in five years, as part of the government attempt to bo...

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