expatriate tax

Do you know which expatriation tax provisions to apply to your foreign employees?

​Tax is an obligation for all citizens that earn an income in Indonesia. There is no exception for foreign nationals as long as their activity has economic value, it is subject to Indonesian income...

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tax amnesty 2022

Latest Update of Tax Amnesty II 2022

Over Rp, 8.4 trillion has been disclosed voluntarily in just 30 days. As part of the Voluntary Disclosure Program (Program Pengungkapan Sukarela or PPS), Rp. 7.21 trillion in domestic declarations ...

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income tax return for foreignersa

Are Foreign Employees Who Have Made Business Trips to Indonesia Required to Pay Income Tax?

​According to the Indonesian labour law, every person who receives income in Indonesia will be subject to income tax. As long as they carry out activities that have economic value, both Indonesian ...

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