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Indonesia to attract investment with Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

The Indonesian government is expecting to finish the ratification of the comprehensive economic partnership agreement with Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland early next year in a bid to ...

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Focusing On Economic Recovery With The World Economic Forum

Focusing on economic recovery with the World Economic Forum

Indonesia is collaborating with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to host a virtual forum on Wednesday that focuses on economic recovery in the country and the government’s efforts to curb the COVID-1...

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Fintech To Boost Investment

Fintech to boost investment

Fintech platforms are projected to aid the surge in the number of Indonesia’s retail investors in the future, particularly as the younger generation is tapping into investment amid the COVID-19 cri...

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Idfc Will Invest In Indonesia's Sovereign Wealth Fund

IDFC will invest in Indonesia's Sovereign Wealth Fund

The United States International Development Finance Corporation (IDFC) signed on Nov. 19 a letter of interest to invest US$2 billion in Indonesia’s sovereign wealth fund known as the Indonesia Inve...

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Amazon to invest in data center in Indonesia

Seattle-based tech giant Amazon will invest north of $2.8 billion in a data center for its cloud computing service in West Java, the province governor Ridwan Kamil said on Monday as reporter by The...

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Us Invited To Invest In Natuna

US invited to invest in Natuna

Indonesia has invited the United States to invest in the development of Riau Islands’ Natuna regency, one of the archipelago's outer islands in the southern part of the disputed South China Sea, wh...

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