expatriate tax

Do you know which expatriation tax provisions to apply to your foreign employees?

​Tax is an obligation for all citizens that earn an income in Indonesia. There is no exception for foreign nationals as long as their activity has economic value, it is subject to Indonesian income...

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Anything You Need To Know About Tax Amnesty Part II

The Tax Voluntary Disclosure Program (PPS), commonly referred to as tax amnesty volume II continues. As of January 13th, 2022, the value of recorded asset disclosures has reached Rp 2.338 trillion....

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Implementation of the Indonesia Tax Amnesty in 2022

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has notified the House of Representatives about his intent to introduce another tax amnesty program, the second in five years, as part of the government attempt to bo...

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P Ph Repoff

Indonesian Income Tax (PPh) Act 15 That Representative Office Should Know

​Foreign trading companies with representative offices in Indonesia must be familiar with the term representative office (Rep Off) or Liaison Office. In general, the task of the Rep Off is to ensur...

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Tax Pph 15

Everything You Need to Know about Tax Article PPh 15 in Indonesia

​There are many types of income that are regulated in the Income Tax Law or Income Tax. Not only regulate the types of income you receive, but this Act also regulates many other things. Starting ...

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