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How to invest in Indonesia through Online Single Submission (OSS)

In improving the stability of the investment climate in Indonesia, the government continues to make various efforts where one of them is by formalizing the Online Single Submission (OSS) System on July 9, 2018. Through this new system, business permits can be obtained in a very short time of less than an hour. What are the benefits that can be obtained by potential investors as business people who want to invest in Indonesia? Check the system here.

Licensing Service System Integration

OSS is an information technology-based system that connects the centralized licensing service system (Central PTSP) in the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) which currently use SPIPISE with the regional PTSP that use the SiCantik system of the Ministry of Communication and Information. OSS also is an integration of various systems from other licensing institutions such as General Law Administration System of Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Indonesia National Single Window (INSW), as well as the Administration Information System of the Ministry of Home Affairs to facilitate licensing.

Easy and Fast in Managing License

With an integrated system that provides all the information needed for business licensing, the whole process will become easier and faster. All licensing data in regional level can be accessed more quickly without having to go to the concerned offices. Along with the inauguration of OSS, OSS Lounge is also provided where potential investors can get assistance in using OSS and various convenient services such as self-service, priority services, assistance services, business clinics, to general investment consultations.

The Ministry of Home Affairs also supports the acceleration of the permit processing process through the OSS system. Through the Minister of Home Affairs letter to the Governor and to the Regents/Mayors throughout Indonesia, the Ministry of Home Affairs encourages the regional government to accelerate the implementation of OSS by simplifying the types of licensing and non-licensing services. Local governments are also expected to immediately prepare OSS application facilities such as internet connections, implementing HR, and various other supporting facilities.

Tighter System Monitoring

To support the success of this OSS program, the government has set strict rules in the form of sanctions for local governments that do not implement it. Hopefully, with the sanctions, OSS can be implemented evenly to all regions in Indonesia so that potential investors can develop their businesses in various regions. The rule is also applied as a form of supervision of the system so that no irregularities occur.

A task force has been formed in every province in Indonesia. The task force at the District/City level is intended to oversee all licensing processes so that the process remains transparent and does not harm the state or investors.

(Source: Tempo/The Jakarta Post/BKPM official site)

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