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Online Single Submission Will Adapt to Dynamic Business Risks

Sporadic, unclear, unscheduled surveillance or inspections make business actors afraid and become mental barriers for start-ups. It becomes unattractive for investment because it is monitored a lot.


Therefore the government will strengthen business supervision even though the licensing process has been simplified with the enforcement of the Job Creation Law.


Business supervision will also be better than before the Job Creation Act was implemented. At that time, business actors were regulated by more than one ministry and institution so their supervision was not well-scheduled.


The government will encourage compliance with the application of standard rules in the future. The government will also open opportunities for third parties to supervise a business. Currently, the government has made the Online Single Submission (OSS), the only portal for business actors to apply for business licenses.


The OSS has now been improved to divide applications for business licenses based on risk. This is expected to make the OSS adapt to dynamic business risks.


Online Single Submission (OSS) application is only meant to regulate the norms, standards, procedures, and criteria (NSPK) for the licensing process that has a high risk.



(Source: Antara News)