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Electric Car As a Solution to Energy Problems

​Development of the electric car industry can be a solution to the nation's energy problems, such as the high imports of crude oil and fuel.

The need for fuel oil in Indonesia currently reaches 1.8 million barrels per day, although national fuel production only touches 700 thousand barrels daily. Indonesia was encountering challenges to reduce the need for crude oil imports as the source for fuel oil.

The government has also invited all parties, both in the upstream and downstream sectors, to tackle the challenges faced by the electric vehicle industry.

Some of those challenges are the establishment of supporting industries, such as batteries, and the construction of public electric vehicle charging stations).

The Indonesian government is planning to boost the production of battery-based electric cars (BEV) to 600 thousand units and electric motorcycles to 2.45 million units by 2030.

Electric vehicle production is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by some 2.7 million tons from electric cars and 1.1 million tons from electric motorbikes.

As part of efforts to boost BEV industrialization, the government has provided fiscal as well as non-fiscal incentives, including zero-percent sales tax on luxury goods (PPnBM) and zero percent vehicle ownership transfer fee (BBNKB) for electric vehicle consumers in Jakarta, the minister informed.

 (source: Antara news)

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